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In-person visits in Socorro, NM (Clinic located at 715 N. California Street, STE A. Socorro, NM 87801) Sometimes — factors get in the way of access to services (such as: transportation challenges, cost of time/resources in traveling, various medical conditions, other). Technology visits through Nice Speech lady are possible (throughout the state of New Mexico & North Carolina) if, and only if, all three components are present: 1. Patients desire it; 2. Clinical needs can be fully met through virtual vists, and 3. Payors reimburse for it. Having the option for virtual visits benefits everyone. "I care about what you care about. Let's start conversations about challenges that you/your loved one are facing. What you are experiencing matters. Access matters. Let’s talk.” (Doing business as -- Nice Speech Lady, PLLC in NC)
Wilson Nice, M.A., CCC-SLP
Nice Speech Lady LLC


  • Speech Disorder Treatment
  • Voice Disorders Treatment
  • Cognitive-Communication Treatment
  • Receptive Language Disorder Treatment
  • Expressive Language Disorder Treatment
  • Aphasia Treatment
  • Apraxia Treatment
  • A/AC Treatment
  • Executive Functioning Deficit Treatment
  • Multiple SLP Diagnoses' Care
  • Evidenced-Based Care
  • Functional Approaches
  • Telepractice Visits Available (NM, NC)
  • Clinic/In-Person Visits in Socorro, NM
  • Swallowing Services for In-Person Visits
  • Pediatric evaluations and treatments
  • Case-By-Case Virtual Swallowing Services


  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Therapy
  • Traditional Articulation and Language Treatment
  • "What's Next?" Cognitive Retraining Program
  • McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP)
  • Nice Speech Lady materials
  • Manual Therapy for Voice & Swallowing Disorders

Insurance Accepted

  • NM: (traditional) Medicare
  • NM: (traditional) Medicaid plans
  • NM: BCBS Plans
  • NM: Presbyterian Plans
  • NM: Cigna Plans — PPO, OAP & Local-Plus
  • NM: Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • New Mexico & North Carolina: self-pay
  • NC: (traditional) Medicare
  • other payor sources pending,more to come

“I have been impressed with her dedication, ability to deal with difficult situations, and the confidence she inspires in her patients. If I found myself in need, I would wish I had such a dedicated professional to assist me!"”

family member of a patient

“Wilson is a knowledgeable SLP who is dedicated to improving the lives of those she works with - patients and students alike. She is dedicated to supporting the SLP community with free quality materials. I would readily recommend 'The Nice Speech Lady'! ”

Mattie Murray Tegels, SLP “The Fresh SLP"

“She provides a level of trust; to not choose her talents as a speech pathologist would be a loss, and a disservice to those in need. ”

Legal representative of a patient
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